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These days the live casinos online became perfect alternatives for the land-based ones. You don’t need to fly to Vegas or Ibiza to experience the atmosphere of the VIP casino. The live dealers will come to you themselves. How? You can see them right from the display of your computer.

Some of the live casino sites offer a mobile version for the players. So, you aren’t obliged to stick to your phone or a lappy. Open up a downloadable app on your phone, and you’re good to go! Even the speed of your internet connection won’t fall once you do it!

If you need a guide into the world of live casino gambling, keep the AU$ Casinos team in mind. We will never let you down!

Live Dealer Casino Offers For Australians

Gamblers from Straya have many options when it comes to choosing the venue. Even if you play only in a live casino in Australia, it’s not a problem anymore. Gamblers who play for quite a long time know that this kind of games requires a deposit. Luckily, all the reliable casinos accept AUD. Or you can go with the cryptocurrency, which is also a good option.

Many live online casinos for real money have a generous bonus policy. Some of them even have special offers for Aussies. Feel free to check the casino’s terms and conditions to find out if there is something for you. While gambling with the live dealer, you’re free to adjust almost all the settings. For example, the quality of video streaming or zooming in and out. It’s simple but pleasant and gives you a feeling of full customisation.

Starting gambling in a live dealer casino is simple. You need to register on the site and deposit some AUD. Then, you’re good to go. Feel free to find the Live Dealer tab on your casino and join the game you love the most. If it’s your first experience of such gambling, you’ll be thrilled. The quality of the picture and the feeling of presence in the venue are fantastic. This feeling is worth any money – that’s what we think in team.

The Bunch Of Live Games For Aussies

The main focus of the most live casinos is on the most popular three games. They are Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. People gamble these games in the land-based casinos for years. Thus, big companies like BetSoft and NetEnt decided to develop the live casino games. You will never be bored while playing for money in such a venue because you’ll feel like a VIP person.

When you enter the room where people play live online casino for real money, you see the hall of a land-based playhouse. You feel like you’re actually there. It’s best to use the big screen to immerse yourself fully in this atmosphere. Grab some cocktails, turn the music on, and relax on the sofa. You’re about to win a million!

Let’s talk about the mechanics of live casino games. It isn’t very different from what you see while gambling in usual online variants. The rules are the same, and the terms are too. So, you won’t be confused with anything. If you’re the one who loves to feel everything on 100%, live dealer gambling is perfect for you. Even the best slots will never substitute the vibe and thrill you get when a real dealer sits in front of you. It is a must-feel experience!

Live Blackjack

There are many varieties of this game. Sometimes the difference isn’t significant. But the gambling professionals, like AU$ Casinos team, have their preferences. In Aussie online casinos, all kinds of BlackJack are available in live dealer version. The bigger the venue is, the more the chances to see your favourite type of game!

The small ones usually have a simple Blackjack, no particular kinds of it. team already prepared a list of the casinos with the most varieties of this game, all for you!

How does it exactly happen? Live Blackjack streams managed by new casino sites come from the land-based venues. Or they broadcast from the studio that looks like one. Everything is posh and luxurious around, and the dealers look stunning. They control the game, give the hands, and answer the questions. If you have any, ask it via the exclusive chat. They pay attention to every player and will never leave you without a proper reply.

But does it mean that live dealer gambling is expensive? Not at all. If some venue names itself the best live casino, it offers the wagers for every budget. There are rooms where you can bet $1 and $5. And there are the ones where bets start from $1000. It’s up to you if you see that dealer has a lucky hand, you can go wild!

Live Baccarat

This game gained its popularity quite a long time ago. Now every gambler with the least experience has heard or even tried Baccarat. If you did it on the usual mobile phone casino, you lost a lot! It’s best to play Baccarat with the live dealer! It’s the only way you can immerse into the game and feel the vibes.

Baccarat came from Asian countries, and it goes very fast. For the rookies, the essence of the game is pure. To win, you have to guess which hand, Player or Banker is closer to 9. Both sides have cards, 2-9 value according to what’s on their faces. Ace adds one point, and the other ones go for a zero. If the total amount of a hand is above 10, the dealer subtracts 10 and keeps counting.

If you’re right, the money is yours! But it isn’t that simple to win! It would be best if you had a certain degree of intuition and luck there. Those people who win huge sums in Baccarat say that it comes with time.

If you want to experience the exotic thrill, try a squeeze variation! It’s gambled, just like the usual Baccarat. Still, the live dealer of the casino reveals a face-down card slowly. It sounds simple. But once you try it, you’ll experience the crazy adrenaline rushing through your veins! We at think that you can’t live without a thrill! Then, Live Baccarat is perfect for you!

Live Roulette

There are many variations of this game. Roulette is excellent for live casino gambling because it keeps you thrilled from the start to the very end. BetSoft and Net Entertainment were the first who got that people need this game live. So, now we have dozens of Roulettes available for you in every big casino.

How does the game go? You join the particular table and make your wager. Then the dealer announces the results and talks to the people. The room you see contains only a standard roulette table, and you can see it correctly.

You also have access to the statistics of the previous 50-100 rounds, depending on the live casino. The smallest bet can be AU$1, while the largest can reach up to AU$75 000 in some of the rooms. You can read the stats, and this can give you an advantage. Or it will provide an understanding of what’s going on at least. This feature is available only in the live casinos. You cannot come to the land-based casino and ask for the statistics.

You will have from 30 to 45 seconds between the rounds to make a bet and estimate your chances. The sum you win adds to your balance automatically. If you’re interested in some particular moment of the game, feel free to send an email to team. We will happily reply to you. Or ask your question to the live dealer in the chat, if it’s about the particular room.

The Bottom Line

We, Aussies, have many venues to choose from there. Live dealer casinos are available almost on every gambling site. But to choose the right one, that will be pleasant to gamble at the reliable platform. You might need a guide, and this is why are here for you.

Feel free to read every review on our site and find out the essence of the best Australian casinos. We’re the team of analytics working to make your life better. We want you to win big and gamble with pleasure, which is possible only when you choose the reliable venue to go.

If you have any inquiries, contact us. You’ll reach an answer, and we’ll do what you ask. For example, if you notice a brand new Australian casino we don’t know about yet, be the first who tells us about it! We will be very grateful for your contribution!

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